The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Private Mastermind Group

Join a Group of Like Minded Cannabis Professionals & Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Helping Each Other Grow 

  • Get Access to World Class Cannabis Entrepreneurs
  • Get Your Own Problem Solving Team & Board of Consultants
  • Identify Hidden Profit Opportunities In The Cannabis Industry
  • Peer-to-Peer Accountability Keeps You On Track

What is the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Mastermind Group?

The RCE Mastermind Group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Our mastermind group helps you achieve success by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, giving you access to your own problem solving team or board of consultants, that would cost $1,000's per month to access 1-to-1. 

Participants help each other overcome their biggest business challenges with intelligent, actionable advice based on real-life business experience, collective wisdom and 20/20 hindsight. Group members challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them monthly. 

What are the requirements to become a member?

The RCE Mastermind Group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind group members act as catalysts for growth and while not the main focus, many find joint venture opportunities, partners, alliances, lead and referral opportunities.

The RCE mastermind is a highly selective group of small cannabis business owners, startups and industry professionals hungry for tangible results, who work together to navigate challenges, uncover blind spots, share resources and inspire you and others to accomplish their goals.

Join a Group of Like Minded Cannabis Professionals & Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Helping Each Other Grow

Why Should You Join

  • Access to World Class Cannabis Entrepreneurs - Leverage the experience, expertise and resources of others and get advice from people who've been there done that 10x over.
  • Board of Consultants (Your Own Problem Solving Team) - Get acess to a board of consultants committed to helping you start, grow, and scale your cannabis business.
  • Save Time, Money & Headache - Sidestep the guessing and experimentation associated with launching, running and growing a successful cannabis business.
  • Connections - Connect with small business owners who know exactly what it is like to walk in your shoes and whose skills and knowledge complement your own.
  • Identify Hidden Profit Opportunities - Small business owners are typically ëtoo closeí to their own business & miss highly profitable growth opportunities. Members will help you spot those golden nuggets that would have taken you years to find on your own.
  • Peer Accountability - Not only do group members help you create attainable monthly goals but also pushes you to take action and holds you accountable on the next call. This is one of the best weapons to defeat "analysis paralysis

Benefits of Joining the Group

Stay Focused

Many entrepreneurs suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, constantly getting off course chasing the next "big thing". Surround yourself with people who will help you stay laser-focused on things that will truly grow your business.

Accomplish Your Goals Faster

Using intelligent goal mapping and tracking, each person sets monthly goals, breaks them down into actionable steps, gets feedback, praise or tough love from the group as we push members to take action, celebrate achievements and share lessons learned.

Join a Community of Like Minded Professionals

Being an entrepreneur, you have so much passion and drive but not everyone shares the same. To channel your best entrepreneur, you need to be surrounded by like-minded people who will bring out the best in you.

Learn from the Mistakes of Others

The most amazing thing about being in a group is learning from others experiences, mistakes, missteps, successes & expertise. Not only is it powerful dissecting and analyzing your own business problems but even more so listening, learning and brainstorming ideas for others in the group.

Instant Resources

Inherit the wisdom of the group, get TONS of invaluable, vetted business, sales, marketing, video/audio & automation software, resources, talent & connections that took others decades to discover.

Structured Moderated Calls

Without structure and proper moderation a mastermind can become counterintuitive. We've orchestrated a variety of high level masterminds, in multiple industries, for multiple clients. You can rest assure, you'll get max value out of each session of the RCE Mastermind.

Featured Mastermind Members

Rick Martinez

3X Amazon Best Selling Author, Cannabis Consultant & Founder of the Green Seed Cannabis Accelerator, one of the six Cannabis Incubators in the US. Serial entrepreneur who grew one of his companies (MedTrust) to 600+ employees before exiting with a sale. Rick is co-founder of Ocean Blue Brands CBD and co-owner of 3 brick & mortar CBD stores in Texas.

Tara Misu

Founder of Blazin' Bakery one of the first DIY herbal edibles brownie mix in a box with national distribution in Spencer Gifts & 700+ retail locations. Studied cannabis extraction science at Oaksterdam University, advocate and activist working with NJ legislators, press & recently appointed as Executive Director of NJCBA (The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association).

Dr. David Cunic

Featured on MSNBC, USA Today, Marijuana Business Magazine & the Cannabis Business Times Dr David is a highly sought after Cannabis industry business consultant. Specializing in raising capital, marketing and operations, Dr David has raised more than $10 million dollars collectively, founded four companies and exited three successfully via acquisition.

Chef Jazmine Moore

Veteran Cannabis Chef & Culinary Artist with more than a decade of experience. Used Cannabis to send her Crohn's disease into complete remission. Chef Jazz is now the CEO of Green Panther Chef providing high end catering, cooking classes, demonstrations & private workshops.

Kym B

One of the biggest influencers in the cannabis industry, founder of TribeTokes, a sexy smoke & vape brand, VP of Community at CannaGather NYC, Women Grow brand ambassador & owner of online CBD product store

Bruce Jolliff

Las Vegas based, Certified Cannabis Public Accountant, CFE (Certified Forensic Examiner), Financial Consultant & CFO-For-Hire. Bruce has served as CFO of several multi-national corporations, maximizing reductions & prepared audits in excess of $550M

Brandon Shroyer

Portland, Oregon native & Founder of the Smoke Trap filter that allows you to smoke anywhere without the smell. Brandon created the first device ever to include replaceable HEPA filters and a form fitting rubber mouthpiece.

Jamal Sekou

Financing & business credit specialist for the Cannabis industry. Jamal is founder of BuildACorp and services a multitude of entities showing them unique ways to obtain funding without the traditional red tape

Jessie Gill

Featured in High Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Good Housekeeping, MSN, Viceland, international press and more. After suffering a spinal injury, Jessie relunctantly became a a medical marijuana patient & advocate. She's the creator of the wildly popular and recognized around the world as a cannabis pioneer, influencer and business women.

Eric Robichard

Owner and CEO of the nations largest & oldest online smoke shops Green Goddess Supply. Eric created numerous successful online brands, product lines and most recently secured funding to launch "The Armoire", a plug and play cannabis grow box that can produce a quarter pound or more in 60 days or less!

Gaetano Lardieri

Our resident science, pharmaceutical & FDA compliance expert with 26+ years in cancer research, clinical trials & author of several published scientific research journals. Gaetano is a renown cannabis researcher & advocate currently working on standarizing cannabis dosing & delivery. Nominated top 100 most influential cannabis influencers his hat has been featured in top media outlets worldwide.

Sean Tolliver

Founder of C-Trax, a point-of-sale, merchant services, inventory tracking, employment management & compliance software for industrial hemp and cannabis, retailers and cultivators. Sean works with some of the largest hemp retailers in NC, co-chapter president with Minorities for Medical Marijuana & on the board of directors for NORML.

How It Works

Step 1
Monthly Group Call

Step 2
Hot Seats For All Participants

Step 3
Goal Setting

Step 4

Step 5
Private Facebook Group

What You Get

  • One monthly group mastermind call that lasts about 2-3 hours on a designated Thurs or Friday of each month.
  • Access to archived recordings of all mastermind group calls so you'll never miss a session
  • Private Facebook Group where mastermind members can post and answer questions, share resources & information in-between monthly calls  
  • Rolodex of resources, talent and software to help members quickly find the tools needed to complete tasks without hours of research.
  • Hot Seats: Each group call includes 5-6 hot seats where selected members present one or more of their most pressing business challenges and members of the group brainstorm and present problem-solving ideas, resources and how-to.

Join a Group of Like Minded Cannabis Professionals & Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Helping Each Other Grow

Who is the RCE Mastermind Group for?

The RCE Mastermind Group is NOT for everyone. Even if you have the money, it's by application/invitation only. This group is comprised of those that know the power of knowledge and learning from those doing it at a higher level and join those that want to be in a room of smart people all getting smarter. Those that know just one elegant idea could be worth millions to them. This group is for you if..

  • If you're ready to invest in your future growth and profitability
  • If you're ready to be part of an elite group of forward thinking and action oriented entreprenuers and small business owners.
  • If you're ready to create wealth instead of simply selling more of what you offer
  • If you're ready to let your desire to be passionate about their life and work overcome the fear of change
  • If you're willing to commit to the change required to grow, and willing to commit to the mastermind process

Area of your business that will be improved

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Automating Your Business Operations
  • Scaling Your Business
  • Thought Leadership Training
  • Hiring Team Members
  • Client Growth & Retention
  • Time Management (Getting More Done)
  • Leveraging Others to Get More Done

What Type Of Entrepreneurs Are Participating?

  • Dispensary owners & applicants
  • CBD product line owners
  • Marketing Firms
  • Legal Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Branding Agencies
  • Smokeshop Owners
  • Packaging Companies
  • Cannabis Product Inventors
  • CBD & Cannabis Chefs
  • Horiculturist & Growers
  • Investors
  • Media Professionals
  • Financing Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you are in a new industry, most business challenges are the same. Whether it's raising money, managing cash flow, streamlining operations, scaling or hiring the right people, our members have already done it and can provide you with a blueprint to shortcut the process.

Physical mastermind groups are limited by their location and are a lot like fitness gyms, meaning you may have a membership but doesn't mean you'll actually go. With RCE Mastermind Group you'll have world-class talent at your fingertips without having to hop a flight or spend time away from family, friends or work.

There is no limit to what you can ask and what you can get help with. Our community has members who've grown their companies to multiple stages, $1M, $5M and $10M. Some have raised tons of money, others have bootstrapped. They've solved common business issues, such as product market fit, how to scale, hiring great people, raising money, creating growth frameworks, accelerating lead gen and a whole lot more. We guarantee that you're going to be blown away by the knowledge in here. On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you'll share that and help others through their journey. This is a win-win community.

Everyone who submits an application goes through a rigorous verification process to help maintain the quality of our community. If you do not meet these standards, you will not be accepted.

Masterminds are all about synergistics and it requires a positive mental attitude and mindset to flourish. Unfortunately one bad apple can bring down the group so if any member is not bringing the right energy we will be forced to remove them from the group

Everyone in the group has been meticulously vetted before approval. All members come to the group prepared to give as much as they look to receive. Unbiased people who will hold you to account and encourage to grow, and people you can learn from. The most amazing thing about being in a group is learning from one another experience and leveraging each other's expertise. We think of mistakes as a great learning experience, and get up and try another way. We hold each other accountable, cheer on each other's progress and make sure we get through the tough times with enough gas in the tank to reach our next milestones. We are a group of entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketing professionals who intimately understand the struggles, challenges and joys of building a lasting enterprise.

The RCE Mastermind Group includes one 2-hour monthly call the last Thurs or Fri of the month. All participants are required to be fully focused and non-distracted to ensure you get the most value. The amount of time you spend working on your goals and growing your business outside of the calls is entirely up to you.

Developing a synergistic group of closely meshed individuals is a process that requires time and considerable pre-planning. Tremendous effort is invested to ensure that each group is well-balanced with professionals of varying backgrounds & complimentary experience levels. This mastermind is for serious professionals only and requires a 6 month commitment although payments are paid monthly.

Each group is comprised of carefully selected entrepreneurs in various non-competing regions & niches. If you're anything like the successful entrepreneurs we are and encounter, then you clearly understand ideas are a dime a dozen. The ability, passion, expertise and persistence to implement and turn those ideas into reality is what separates the boys/girls from the men/women. Our group is a safe haven of integrity based professionals committed to growing their businesses and helping others succeed.

Yes there's a considerable time, energy and resource commitment required to run and participate in a successful mastermind group. The ratio of successes within the group is heavily dependent on the level of commitment of members. Investing in yourself is the best investment.

Join a Group of Like Minded Cannabis Professionals & Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Helping Each Other Grow