[NEWS FLASH #2] Cannabis News Condensed into 20 Minutes of Less!

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Listen to the MOST intriguing Cannabis news stories from around the globe in one shot! No need to spend hours searching blogs, news and social media sites for good Cannabis news. We sift through 1,000’s of news stories weekly to bring you the absolute CREAM OF THE CROP!

1. The First-Ever CBD Fast Food Item Is Finally Here (Carl’s Jr.)
2. Whoopi Goldberg Launches Range of Weed-Infused Products to Help Ease Period Pain
3. Idaho Police May Get Tests to Tell Hemp and Weed Apart
4. The Scientist Behind Viagra is Developing Weed Lube For Women
5. Lawmakers Roll Out ‘Landmark’ Bill To Protect Legal Marijuana States From Federal Interference
6. Facebook to Loosen Marijuana Restrictions

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