Founder of ExpoCannaBiz Conference Talks Cannabis Opportunities in Colombia (Julian Tobar)

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Julian Tobar is the founder of ExpoCannaBiz Business Conference held in the Cartagena, Colombia. A 3 day event (May 9-11) designed to provide Cannabis Industry Professionals the opportunity to network with global Cannabis leaders, investors and exhibitors.

The event will be located at the beautiful Cartagena Convention Center in the historic port city of Cartagena, mostly known as The Heroic City, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Some of the featured keynote speakers include

* Vincente Fox(former President of Mexico)
* Steve DeAngelo (Director of Harborside Cannabis Dispensary)
* Jim Belushi (Actor)

* Jared Mirsky (Wick & Mortar Brand Agency)

Julian sheds some light on the state of affairs in Colombia in regards to the cannabis industry and why it’s ripe for big business. He highlights great points as to why you should be looking, not just in the US but outside the borders for global based opportunities. As legislation progresses there will be even more game changing opportunities for those willing to thing outside the box.

Check out this episode and visit the event site for more details:


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