Cannabis Branding Blueprint for Startups & Product Owners (Jared Mirsky, Wick & Mortar)

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Discover why “GOOD” branding is even MORE important for cannabis based product and service providers than ever before. We caught up with Jared Mirsky, owner of the oldest and most renown cannabis-focused branding agency in the nation (Wick & Mortar).

Since 2009 Jared Mirsky and his award-winning cannabis-focused branding agency, Wick & Mortar have been featured in over 15 magazines including Entrepreneur Media, Forbes, Discovery Channel, Huff Post, CNN Money, Geekwire, The Dieline, High Times, Dope Magazine, NW Leaf Magazine, Leafly, Cashinbis, Top 40 under 40 in Marijuana Venture Magazine, and most recently the Dope Magazine Industry Award Winners for “Best Cannabis Design Firm,” two years in a row.

In this episode Jared lays out the exact steps to creating a masterful brand without the headache and repercussions of going blind. Discover how to:

*Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Starting a Cannabis Company
*Learn How to Future Proof Your Brand
*Get a Branding Blueprint for Your Business
*Get Tips on Taking your Cannabis Brand to the Next Level

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  1. Felicia says

    Super informative interview!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Thanks Felicia, we’ll continue to bring the heat, let us know if there’s any particular topics you’d like us to cover on the podcast as well. You can post here or use our request form at

  2. Jason Moore says

    Learned a lot from this episode. Solid advice helped me clarify direction. Keep up the great work!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Yeah Jared is chock full of great info. We’re definitely gonna need to do a part 2. Thanks for the compliments

  3. Brennan Poole says

    Twenty Twenty and strategically planned to politically profit off the prohibition end.

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