Cannabis Accounting 101: Maximize Deductions, Avoid Audits & Regulation Compliance Issues (Bruce Jolliff, CPA)

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Discover little known tips & tricks of setting up your Cannabis business for success from an accounting perspective. Bruce Jolliff is a Certifed Cannabis Public Accountant, Independent Financial Consultant and CFE (Certified Forensic Examiner).

Bruce has an impressive and long resume working with a multitude of multi-national companies serving as CFO for hire.

In this episode Bruce shares some of the best tips and advice for properly setting up, running and dealing with nuances of running a Cannabis based business.

Learn how to:

*Maximize your Deductions
*Increase Profits
*Reduce Costs
*Audit Prevention
*Fraud Investigation
*Asset Protection

Click below to download Bruce’s eBook or reach out to him on his website

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  1. Jeffrey says

    Great interview! Many eye opening facts I needed to know to avoid any IRS problems

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