Want to Be a Cannabis Chef? Chef Jazmine Moore Shares Her Insider Secrets

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Season 1 (Episode#002)

Discover what it takes to crack into Cannabis Culinary Arts from veteran Cannabis Chef Jazmine Moore of Green Panther Chef. 

Whatever you think you know about Cannabis & Food, forget it!!! Chef Jazz shares insider secrets on dosing, extraction methods, terpene profiles, flavoring secrets and more.

Chef Jazz was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, in her last year of Culinary College. She felt awful, was losing weight, felt a lot of anxiety, and had trouble sleeping. Desperate to feel better, she first tried the prescriptions from her doctor, with the enormous side effects. Chef Jazz returned to her homeopathic roots and started experimenting with cannabis and CBD in the form of consuming and inhaling.

Once she found the strain and method that worked best for her through extensive trail and error, she discovered that not only did her appetite increase, she also felt calmer and less anxious. Within a year she had stopped taking her prescription medication, had gained back the weight she lost, and was in full remission by 2008.

Wanting to share her unique knowledge with others, she started offering friends and family an “edible experience” designed to provide an elevated dining experience. Her meals and gatherings were a huge hit in Washington DC amongst area patients. After the passing of Initiative 71 (voter-approved ballot legalizing the use of cannabis) it wasn’t long before she was offering this service to serve a wider demographic which gave life to Green Panther Chef. Since then Green Panther Chef has expanded their portfolio to include: Culinary CBD products, Wellness Consulting and Educational Cooking Classes.


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  1. Victoria says

    Inspiring story overcoming great to see others bravely follow their dreams into an industry that unfortunately still has a stigma attached. Keep up the great work, where can I see more of Chef Jazz’s tutorial videos?

    1. Rebecca says

      Great interview! Inspiring story and a crash course in terpenes, distillates, isolates and more. Chef Jazz you are AMAZING!!!!

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