NJ’s Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference Partners With Major Crowdfunding Platform

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Newark, New Jersey, September 21, 2023 –Gary George, Co-Founder of The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference, partnered with the Mainvest crowdfunding platform to fund entrepreneurs who will compete in the event’s SparkTank® competition on October 5, 2023. The news of this partnership is monumental because most banks will not finance a cannabis-related business, given the high risk that it’s not federally legal. 

Starting a business in the cannabis industry is extremely expensive and cost-prohibitive for the average person. With funding all but drying up this past year in the cannabis industry, most entrepreneurs don’t have the means to finance a business. 

The SparkTank® Competition will feature live crowdfunding through the Mainvest app, allowing the audience to invest on the spot during the entrepreneur’s pitch session. Examples of the rockstar startups participating is Tundra Beverages, an Alaskan company founded by a couple from the Iñupiat tribe. Allstar Dispensary, cannabis retail, social equity applicants out of Newark, NJ and more.

About The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference:

Husband and wife team, Gary and Marie George, are the face of the NJ cannabis industry. They are on a mission to make sure social equity entrepreneurs get a fair shake and started The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference business boot camp and networking event to give them a leg up. https://realcannabisentrepreneur.com

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Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference
Date: Oct 5-6th
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Place: Doubletree Hotel (Newark Airport)

About Mainvest: 

A crowdfunding platform that supports local small business ecosystems by allowing the community to invest directly into local small businesses while providing access to capital on friendly terms for entrepreneurs. 



Media Contact: Pam Chmiel

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