High on the Job: How THC Can Be Helpful in the Workplace

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May 17, 2019 / Author: Civilized.com –  As cannabis becomes a mainstream consumer product, the still young legal framework surrounding its use can bring serious consequences at the workplace.

Although more than 30 states allow for some form of legal marijuana, only a third of them offer a comprehensive set of policies to protect users from strict anti-drug programs. Yes, even if adult use or medical cannabis is legal in your state, you can still lose your job if you test positive for THC.

There’s a growing need to develop policies that protect medical marijuana users from getting fired, and prevent discrimination against employees who choose to indulge in legal recreational consumption outside the workplace.

While Canada has released an official guide to orient employers on marijuana use at work, the US Federal Ban on the plant has not yet allowed for this type of measure — which in turn has led to serious controversies around the country. MiamiArizonaMassachusetts, and Delaware are just some examples of states that have seen cases as recently as the past year, in which people were fired for using cannabis under completely legal circumstances.

So, while civil rights crusaders continue to fight for policies that protect cannabis consumers’ rights at work, we’re taking the discussion one step further to ask ourselves, which are the scenarios, professions and work environments where being high on the job should not only be allowed, but encouraged?

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