NJ Couple Launches Cannabis Marketing Bootcamp to help Small Cannapreneurs!

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Husband & wife team launch the Real Cannabis Marketing Bootcamp LIVE Webinar series (Jan 5th) @ 7pm EST to help fledgling cannapreneurs get a leg up. Gary & Marie George founded the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference in 2017 to help level the playing field for new cannapreneurs.

“After runnning an award-winning digital marketing agency for 24 years, filling events for many of the big motivational speakers, authors, business coaches, my wife and I decided it was time apply our experience to something we were passionate about… cannabis… so we hit the conference circuit HARD!” says Gary George

“After attending dozens of events coast to coast we realized it was ALOT of regurgitated surface level content, and not the deep dives we were accustom to as experienced entrepreneurs” said Marie George.

The frustrations continued until we decided to create the conference we’d been looking for… but never could find. The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference was born.. In just 3 years we’ve completed 6 shows, with the latest conference happening (Oct 15-16th) in Newark, NJ with 800+ attendees, 20+ speakers and a SOLD OUT crowd!

“With marketing being the #1 reason most companies fail” said Gary George, it’s the reason we decided to launch the Real Cannabis Marketing Bootcamp to ensure we insulate the cannabis industry from a big boy takeover. Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Cannabis need to be held at bay so the small entrepreneurs can have a fair chance and keep craft cannabis ALIVE!

If you’re interested in cracking into the cannabis game then signup for our live webinar series starting Weds Jan 5th @ 7pm EST where you’re learn how we fill our events with 1,000+ people and generate 800% returns for our cannabrand clients!


Date: Weds Jan 5th
Time: 7:00pm EST

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