Cannabis Conference Debunks Trends & Teaches Attendees EXACTLY How-To Break into the Cannabis Industry

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You’ve heard how the cannabis industry is growing in leaps and bounds. We’re poised to witness the largest historical event of this magnitude since prohibition. However with the Green Rush firmly underway, the smoke screen of confusion expands for opportunist looking to get a piece of the pie.

There’s so many meetup groups, classes, seminars & conferences clamoring to educate the masses about the cannabis industry. However if you had the opportunity to attend, you’ll see how thin and scattered most of the information can be.

Most conferences are riddled with state of the industry, regulatory and legislative conversations, which although important… fails to deliver the down and dirty blueprint that most opportunity seekers are looking for.

That’s precisely what husband and wife team Gary and Marie George, the founders of the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference, set out to change after experiencing the same dilemma seeking solutions for their own foray into the business.

“We invested, traveled and attended so many seminars & conferences across the country in hopes of attaining actionable information we could implement immediately, but discovered this information was few and far in between

Gary & Marie George

“We started the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference out of personal necessity” says Gary George, “We basically created the solution I wish we had 3 years ago when we first started on this journey”.

The 2-day conference will be held November 15th and 16th in Newark, NJ and feature some of the brightest ELITE cannabis entrepreneurs from across the country.

Unlike some of the other events, these cannabis professionals agreed to pull back the steel curtain and teach their EXACT, step-by-step blueprint to breaking into the cannabis industry. Real life, real successes, real entrepreneurs selfishly sharing their insider secrets.

While most focus on legislation, state of the industry and broad topics, Gary & Marie are constructing an experiential event that you’ll leave with an actionable blueprint.

“We attended so many events where I left PUMPED & INSPIRED, only to return home, and ask myself… so what do I do now?”

Marie George

That’s precisely what we want to avoid and engineered this conference to be the opposite of the temporary feel good and instead focus on ACTION!!

To find out more & secure you ticket visit our event page @

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  1. Rashaun says

    Congrats and much success for your event. NJ needs it!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Thanks Rashaun one love!!

  2. Nikki says

    Are there any discounts available?

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Yes tickets go on sale TODAY and you can purchase regular or VIP tickets at 70% off retail. This is the largest discount you’ll be able to receive leading up to the event. So jump on it!!

  3. Carlos says

    Will growing be covered at the event?

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Hi Carlos, yes cultivation will be covered. We some super experienced hemp and marijuana growers on deck as well as growing equipment companies and genetics professionals who will be sharing and teaching. Tickets go on sale TODAY so don’t wait!! Get yours for 70% off while supplies last.

  4. Jessica says

    Where can I see the list of speakers?

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Hi Jessica you can see our list of speakers here We’re up to 12 so far and will be adding new speakers daily so stay tuned and grab your ticket now while it’s 70% off!!!

  5. Desiree says

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for on so many levels. I can relate to you both. I look forward to meeting you at the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference! I’m excited!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Thank you Desiree, it’s what we’ve been looking for as well, so had to create it since we couldn’t find it elsewhere. Can’t wait to connect. thank you

  6. Mary Spagnuolo says

    This is a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to try to gain footing in the industry!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Yes, great way to get a crash course in the multiple facets of the industry in one sitting. Going to be an EPIC event!

  7. larry douglas says

    Super excited for this event! Can’t wait for the plethora of information I will learn

  8. Larry douglas says

    Can’t wait to learn a plethora of information from various entrepreneurs!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Thank you Larry, it’s going to be action packed so come pen and pad ready!

  9. Joseph Podhirny says

    Looking forward to the highly anticipated event, thanks for setting this up and linking us with some of the cannabis industry’s best Mr. George. I also really appreciate the opportunity to be an ambassador for the event, couldn’t be happier to get more people involved!

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Thank you much Joseph!!!! Appreciate the support and looking forward to connecting!!

  10. Winifer Gabriela says

    Really looking forward to these events

    1. RealCannapreneur says

      Definitely going to be a game changer!

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