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Cannabis Best Used as Whole Plant Product

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When it comes to the matter of natural medicine, we may do well to remember that in most cases it already comes prepackaged with all the beneficial ingredients straight from Mother Nature herself. This certainly seems to be the case with cannabis.

As the United States journeys down the path of ending cannabis prohibition, the demand for it’s medicinal uses is certainly leading the charge, and the definition of medical cannabis is important, as it refers specifically to using the whole, unprocessed cannabis plant or its basic extracts to treat symptoms of illness or other conditions.

Unprocessed means it’s unaltered from its natural or original state. And that definition could very well preserve your right to use natural medicine and prevent it from being turned into another synthetic pill.

Since THC is the most famous chemical found within cannabis, much research has been done regarding its effects on human physiology. Naturally, medicine being what it is, laboratory technicians have manufactured a “THC pill”, approved in 1985 and marketed as Marinol for the relief of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy. It is THC in a gel of sesame oil.

You’ve probably also heard of the 2nd most famous chemical within cannabis, cannabidiol, most commonly referrred to as CBD. It is well known for its ability to assist in the reduction of certain kinds of epileptic seizures.

But regardless of how each of these substances may perform on their own, there is a synergistic effect that just cannot be achieved without these two and the hundreds of other chemical components found within the cannabis plant being consumed together in a single, natural source.

Herbalists and others who promote the consumption of natural plants for healing feel that there are 2 special benefits that only come from using the whole plant as nature created.

The first of these claims is that the primary active ingredient of any plant will work best when present with the myriad of other components found within the plant, and this is referred to as synergism or the entourage effect. The second claim is that the additional chemicals in the plant reduce any side effects which might occur from the primary active ingredient.

In this summary published by, it was found that there is scientific validation for those claims. Researchers scoured through the published literature from 1964-1999 and determined that the secondary compounds found within the whole cannabis plant could lessen the effects of THC.

In fact, some of those “secondary” compounds can increase blood flow to the brain, enhance brain activity, kill respiratory germs, and provide anti-inflammatory effects. Those really shouldn’t be considered “secondary”, but should be enjoyed as part of the whole healing experience.

Science is now saying that the cannabis plant is a veritable “treasure trove” of substances, claiming over 100 different cannabinoids as well as terpenes are all thought to contribute to the entourage effect of the healing properties of cannabis.

For the purely recreational user, greater effects of THC may be desired, but for the medicinal user that effect needs to be moderated. So while no one has ever died from using natural cannabis, under some circumstances some people can get “too high” and have an unpleasant but temporary time. THC properly balanced with CBD for example smooths things out. CBD and THC taken together can also provide better pain relief.

Still, these are only the two most popular and well known components of the medicinal cannabis plant. With hundreds of other chemicals in question, with balances and ratios we have yet to explore and understand, a good argument can be made that natures medicine is most effective when left in it’s unaltered and natural form.

Written by Brad Pennington of MMJ In the USA the #1 searchable resource for positive medical marijuana research. Every post is linked to supportive scientific facts you can use to support the use of natural marijuana as medicine.

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