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$100,000 a Year to Travel the States and Smoke Weed

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Puffy App is a mobile platform for cannabis enthusiasts to connect with new friends. Puffy App allows users to choose other people within the cannabis community nearby and connects them if they are both interested.

The California based app company is excited to announce Puffy’s TV Personality, a brand new opportunity for social media influencers/TV Personalities to make $100,000 a year promoting the app.

The company plans on partnering with whomever they choose to be the face of the app. Social influencers are huge in swaying consumer behavior. Recognizing the strength in this type of marketing, Puffy began their cannabis TV host campaign.

The app is currently over 100k users through North America and Canada. Hosting events to gain traction and interest, the app has increased in popularity. Users are able to express interest in someone after viewing their profile. If that same user expresses a similar interest, then they are connected. This feature is similar to dating apps currently on the market. However, users are bonding and connecting over their interest in cannabis, a niche market Puffy plans to take over.

Their plan to corner the cannabis market starts with their Puffy TV host marketing campaign. They have many events and appearances booked across North America and Canada. Their goal is to partner with a social media influencer already in the cannabis market, bringing them along to all the events country-wide.

Puffy reported, “They want someone who is are ready to commit the time and resources to help them gain a national reach.” Puffy has big plans for their marketing campaign to take off, with even larger goals of increasing user engagement and brand awareness.

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