How to Break Into Edibles Even When Illegal In Your State (Tara Misu, Blazin Bakery)

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Season 1 (Episode#002)

Tara “Misu” Sargente is the owner of Blazin’ Bakery, the first legal, woman-owned edibles company in New Jersey. 

Her product line launched in 2010 featuring optimized brownie mixes that enable anyone to make potent DIY edibles. Blazin’ Bakery mixes have been sold in Spencer Gifts and over 1,000 shops nationally.

Tara shares her ingenious strategy that allowed her to break into the cannabis edibles industry legally, without a license or NJ legalization. Spills the beans on her experience competing with 162 applicants for 6 NJ adult use processing licenses.

Tara is Executive Director of New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA), graduated with honors from Rutgers University, studyied cannabis at Oaksterdam University and extraction science in Denver.

She has an extensive background in edibles creation, both small batch and commercial processing.

Tara uses her near decade of experience working in cannabis to advance legalization and has worked closely with NJ legislators, activists and media to expand and improve our program.

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  1. Jocelyn says

    Great episode! Tara is very knowledgeable with tons of experience. Looking forward to a part 2

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