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Learn how to start a brick and mortar CBD store and extraction lab from veteran Cannabis Entrepreneur (Rick Martinez)

Rick is founder of the Green Seed Accelerator, one of six Cannabis Incubators in the US and successful serial entrepreneur who grew one of his companies (MedTrust) to 600+ employees before successfully exiting with a sale. Rick is co-founder of Think Botanicals with 3 brick and mortar CBD stores and extraction lab in Texas. Rick

They’re About to Grow Weed in Space!🚀

A new intergalactic crypto-currency company is working to launch an experimental crop of weed into space within a year! According to SpaceGrime news releases, the company wants to use its brand-new crypto-currency to fund space missions. Investors in GRIMEX & Coin X will one day be able to spend their coins in space and reap dividends.
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