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Cannabis Conference Debunks Trends & Teaches Attendees EXACTLY How-To Break into the Cannabis Industry

You've heard how the cannabis industry is growing in leaps and bounds. We're poised to witness the largest historical event of this magnitude since prohibition. However with the Green Rush firmly underway, the smoke screen of confusion expands for opportunist looking to get a piece of the pie. There's so many meetup groups, classes, seminars

Is Virtual Weed Next for Snoop Dogg?

Can you get high in the metaverse? It might be possible one day at “Uncle Snoop’s” digital store. Snoop Dogg has filed two trademark applications that pertain to digital retail stores and virtual cannabis NFTs. The applications, made under his legal name Calvin Broadus, attempt to trademark the terms “Uncle Snoop” and “Uncle Snoop’s.” The

Taliban Weed is Coming!

Taliban Announces Deal To Grow Cannabis In Afghanistan Amid Questions Over Company’s Involvement The Taliban regime in Afghanistan announced on Tuesday that it had contracted a company called Cpharm to grow and manufacture cannabis products—but an Australian firm of that name later denied it is involved with the project after being mentioned in

These Nuns Grow Weed 😇

Sister Kate wants to establish a new age religion on a cannabis farm. Christine Meeusen is not your average nun. For the past six years, Meeusen, who now goes by Sister Kate, has been growing cannabis on a one-acre plot of land in Merced, California. Cannabis is not just a cash crop for Sister Kate, but a means for good. She wants to
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