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The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference was created by us :) Husband and wife team, after spending years traveling the country, attending every cannabis conference, convention and seminar to find the specific how-to information on breaking into the industry. 

After many years and dollars spent we realized most conferences were riddled with state of the industry, regulatory and legislative conversations, which although important fails to deliver the down and dirty blueprint that we were looking for to get started NOW! 

We're serial entrepreneurs and own a 21 year old digital marketing agency so we understands the value of investing in mentors, but after realizing most cannabis conferences only covered surface level topics, we decided to CREATE THE SOLUTION to our own problem. 

Our mission is to help level the playing field and the empower the underserved by providing information and guidance needed to tap into one of the biggest and fasting growing industries on the planet. 

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions, concerns, partnership opportunities and more. 

Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 2021 
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Real Cannabis Entrepreneur
Conference 2021

"Seasoned entrepreneurs teach you EXACTLY how to break into the cannabis industry!"


Online Virtual Event


March 26-28th 2021


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