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Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 2019


Newark, NJ


Nov 15-16th, 2019

Seasoned Entrepreneurs Share Step-by-Step
Instruction On How to Start a

  • Cannabis Dispensary
  • CBD Product Line
  • Smokeshop/Headshop
  • Edibles & Infusion Product Line
  • 100’s of Ancillary Cannabis Businesses
Limited Tickets Available For Early Bird.

Why You Need To Attend?

Many people believe that owning a "dispensary" is the only way in and overlook the 1,000's of ancillary products/services that represent billions in revenue, and the bulk of the opportunity.

At the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference you will get real life examples, business models, solutions & strategies that can be harnessed IMMEDIATELY to start generating capital and position yourself for the BOOM!.

We've hand selected the TOP, most successful entrepreneurs in the industry to teach some of their closely guarded secrets, success stories, lessons and experiences that will give you a distinct advantage and blueprint to crack into the industry.

The Cannabis "green rush" is the MOST exciting and lucrative business opportunity since the internet boom, and the time is ticking for those who want to get ahead of the curve.

The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur presenters have combined experience of more than 36 years and will be sharing information that you CANNOT, and WILL NOT, get or buy ANYWHERE!! This will be a collection of some of the brightest and most experienced cannabis entrepreneurs you will find anywhere GUARANTEED!

Why You Need To Attend?
...There's more!

  • 20+ ELITE Cannabis Entrepreneur Speakers from (CA, WA, OR, NV, TX, MA, DC and more..)
  • Tickets Sold Out Already!
  • FREE Lunch Both Days!
  • VIP After Party (VIP Ticket Holders ONLY)
  • CBD Cage Match® (CBD Debate)
  • Spark Tank® (Cannabis Business Pitch Contest)
  • Contest/Giveways

Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 2019

“Seasoned entrepreneurs teach you EXACTLY how to break into the cannabis industry!”


Newark, NJ


Nov 15-16th, 2019

Our Speakers

Here's a small portion of the rockstar entrepreneurs presenting. More being added weekly

Featured Topics & Presentations

Below is a small sampling of the presentations and topics that will be covered. We've put together the most diverse and synergistic array of speakers and topics to ensure you get a well-rounded educational experience.

CBD Product Line

Learn the secrets to sourcing and starting your own lucrative CBD product line.

How to Start a Dispensary

Get step-by-step instructional details on how to start a successful dispensary.

Edibles & Infusions

Learn the specifics of starting an edible or infusion based product line

Smoke and Headshop Bootcamp

Get the blueprint of starting and running a successful smoke or headshop

10 Fastest Growing Ancillary Businesses

Find out the top 10 little known ancillary businesses set to explode in 2019!

Vape Brand

How to start, source and select the right technology to build your vape brand.

How to Get Funded

Little known tricks and sources you can use to fund your cannabis based business

Corporate to Cannabis

How to apply your existing skillsets to the cannabis industry instead of reinventing the wheel.

Cannabis Blogging

Discover how you can become a cannabis blogger and profit from your love of writing and research.


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
"How to Raise Capital for Your Cannabiz" - (Dr David Cunic)

Need to raise capital and learn how to attract investors? Dr. David breaks down the inner workings of what makes a deal pallatable to investors and how to position your CannaBiz to get funded without giving away the kitchen sink.

"How to Be a Cannabis Chef" - (Chef Jazz)

Discover how Chef Jazz healed herself of Crohn's disease using her cannabis culinary expertise. She'll be teaching you how to leverage your passion for food, flavors and the green goodness to make food that tastes great and heals your body at the same time.

"Cannabis Accounting Bootcamp" - (Bruce Jolliff)

Set yourself up for success by learning the foundation of good cannabis accounting from a Vegas based CFO-For-Hire, forensic and cannabis accountant. Discover what you can do to avoid audits, maximize deductions and insulate your cannabusiness from disaster.

"How to Be a Cannabis Brand Ambassador" - (Kym B)

Brand Ambassador & Influencer Marketing is poised to surpass the reach of traditional advertising by 2020. Want to learn how to profit, get free product, travel, have fun and get paid for it? Sit back while the networking Queen shows you the exact methods you can use to push other brands & your own all while getting paid for it.

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9:00 am - 12:00pm
"How to Start a CBD Coffee Line" - (Dr Craig Leivent)

Discover how you can start your own CBD coffee brand and tap into the multi-billion dollar industry that never sleeps, literally :) Dr Craig utilizes his pharmacology background to produce products that not only taste great but produces superior results through science.

"How to Be A Cannabis Accountant" - (Naomi Granger)

While many accountants struggle, cannabis accountants are commanding 2-3x their normal rates with more work on deck than they can handle. Learn from the nations leading expert and #1 cannabis accountant trainer, Naomi Granger (DopeCFO). She'll be teaching how to tap into this lucrative nice and other insider accounting secrets invaluable for cannabis and CBD brand owners.

CBD Cage Match

"Watch as the CBD experts go head-to-head in a heated debate to determine which CBD is better (broad spectrum vs full spectrum), (CO2 vs Ethanol vs Cold Press), (Tinctures vs Vapes) and more. This is the first of it's kind and something you don't want to miss!!

"How to Get Paid to Be a Cannabis Blogger" - (Jessie Gill)

Ever wondered how bloggers actually make money? Learn from a seasoned pro who's been able to create multiple streams of revenue, all by leveraging the power of her blog. Discover how to pair your love for writing and cannabis to generate revenue, publicity and influence.

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Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 2019

“Seasoned entrepreneurs teach you EXACTLY how to break into the cannabis industry!”


Newark, NJ


Nov 15-16th, 2019


Press registration applies to editors, writers, print or broadcast reporters. All press registration requests will be evaluated and you will be sent a confirmation that your media credentials have been granted or that more information is needed for verification.



The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference was created by us :) Husband and wife team Gary & Marie George, after spending years traveling the country, attending every cannabis conference, convention and seminar to find the specific how-to information on breaking into the industry.

After many years and dollars spent we realized most conferences were riddled with state of the industry, regulatory and legislative conversations, which although important… fails to deliver the down and dirty blueprint that we were looking for to get started NOW!

We're serial entrepreneurs and own a 21 year old digital marketing agency so we understands the value of investing in mentors, but after realizing most cannabis conferences only covered surface level topics, we decided to CREATE THE SOLUTION to our own problem.

Our mission is to help level the playing field and the empower the underserved by providing information and guidance needed to tap into one of the biggest and fasting growing industries on the planet.

Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 2019

“Seasoned entrepreneurs teach you EXACTLY how to break into the cannabis industry!”


Newark, NJ


Nov 15-16th, 2019

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